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SAP Trademark List

July 2016

Following is a partial list of SAP and SAP affiliate company trademarks and registered trademarks in Germany and other countries and the corresponding common-noun descriptors. Unregistered or pending trademarks bear the ™ symbol.

 This list is updated from time to time. Failure by SAP to list a particular trademark (registered or unregistered) is not a waiver of any SAP rights.

Trademark   First-Mention Descriptor
ABAP®   programming language; development tools
Ariba®   solution (see SAP Ariba)
ASAP®   methodology
Concur®   solution(s)
Concur® ExpenseIt®   solution
Concur® TripIt®   solution
Duet®   software
SAP®   software; service; offering; package, application; solution; component; technology; tool (as applicable)
SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise   (none); server
SAP® Advantage Database Server®   (none); data management system
SAP® Afaria®   mobile device management solution
SAP ArchiveLink®   software
SAP® Ariba®   solution(s); portfolio
(individual solutions do not include the SAP trademark)
SAP® Business ByDesign®   solution
SAP® Business Explorer®
  tools; information broadcasting option
(as appropriate)
SAP® BusinessObjects™   business intelligence (BI) suite; business intelligence (BI) platform; solutions
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer®   software
SAP® BusinessObjects™ Lumira   software
SAP® BusinessObjects™ Roambi®   Web application
SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence®   software
SAP Business One®   application; mobile app
SAP Business Workflow®   tool
SAP® Crystal Reports®   software
SAP EarlyWatch®   services
SAP Exchange Media® (SAP XM®)   platform; site
SAP® Fieldglass®   solution(s)
SAP Fiori®   user experience; mobile app (as appropriate)
SAP® Global Trade Services (SAP® GTS®)   application
SAP® GoingLive   services
SAP HANA®   platform; software; database; studio; application cloud (as applicable)
SAP HANA Vora®   engine; software
SAP® Hybris®   solution(s)
SAP® Jam™   social software platform
SAP® MaxAttention™   support; support option
SAP® MaxDB®   database
SAP NetWeaver®   technology; platform
SAP® PartnerEdge®   program; site
SAPPHIRE NOW®   conference
SAP® PowerBuilder®   application development tool
SAP® PowerDesigner®   software
SAP® R/2®   software
SAP® R/3®   software
SAP® Replication Server®   (none); software
SAP S/4HANA®   (none); software; suite (where applicable)
SAP® SQL Anywhere®   suite; solutions
SAP Strategic Enterprise Management® (SAP® SEM®)   application
SAP® SuccessFactors®   solution; service
The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP®   (none); tagline
TwoGo®   initiative; program; mobile app

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